Welcome to Fairfield Camera Club.

Fairfield City Camera Club aims to encourage all members of the community who are interested in the art of photography to join our club as through interaction with other members, they will increase their level of knowledge and skill in photography.


The club’s aim is to promote a wider interest and knowledge of photography by conducting regular meetings, the engagement of lecturers from time to time, promote evaluations and competitions within, and where possible, outside the club and host occasional workshops and field trips.


Guests are always welcome - just pop in and make yourself known to any of the club members.

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2017 Calendar - Updated 03/04/2017

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Next Meeting: 7th June  2017

Meeting Type: Outting- VIVID Sydney

Location: Share Care


Brief: Movement - Capture any type of movement in your image




Image by: Dave               Title: The Photographer


- Updated 03/04/2017


Movement - Capture any type of movement in your image

Dave               The Photographer